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What is Joe Power?

Joe Power is an equipment "For Hire" marketplace.

Who can use Joe Power?

We cater to equipment owners in the Construction and Agriculture Industries.

Where can I use Joe Power?

Everywhere in America.

Why use Joe Power?

Joe Power solves a problem of renting equipment and not having a qualified person to operate it. Rental yards only rent equipment, not operators. Joe Power does both. The difference is that you can "hire" an experienced operator with their own equipment. For equipment owners, Joe Power is the place to be if you want more work. When you advertise your equipment services, you will decrease asset down time while increasing exposure for your businesses and services. Equipment networking at it's best!

When should I advertise my equipment for hire?

Joe Power has a built-in calendar reservation system which allows you to control when your equipment is available > 24/7

What if someone is interested in hiring me? How will I know?

Joe Power's internal messaging system alerts you when someone needs your services. You will receive an email notifying that there is a message in your Joe Power inbox.

Can anyone view listings?

Yes. Non-members can view all listings.

What is the cost to list my equipment on Joe Power?

We have three membership tiers for you to list equipment: 1. Free Membership - Create your free service listing today! Your listing will always be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week! Your listing will not expire until deleted. No catches. No commitments. No commission. No expiration. Joe Power helps keep your equipment moving! 2. Pro Member - List up to 3 service listings for only $10.00 per month. Increase your reach and add more categories to draw more attention to your business. More exposure, more business! 3. Unlimited Membership - Get unlimited service listings for only $25 per month! This means maximum exposure for your business services! Add your equipment to multiple industry categories growing your customer reach. All three options have ZERO commission! You keep all the money you make!

How do I pay for my listings?

We accept most major credit cards for payment. Stripe Payment Processing safely and securly handles all our payment transactions. Visit for more information.

How do I create a listing?

You can create your listings with a few easy clicks. Simply create an account with your email and begin to add your equipment, upload some great photos, enter your rates, and spread the word that your equipment is available "For Hire" on Remember, there is no need to renew your free listings. Your listings do not expire! Be sure to update your calendar on a regular basis so your customers know when your equipment is available. Always remember to login into your account often and check your inbox for messages to see if there are any special request for your services or any other questions someone may have for you.

What kind of equipment owners use Joe Power ?

Honest, trustworthy people use Becoming a Joe Power member is not a right, it's a privilege. We have the right to cancel any member's account for any reason.

What types of equipment will I find on Joe Power?

You will find many equipment services related to the Construction, Contractor, Agriculture, Farm, and Ranch industries.

How do I price my equipment?

The more competitive your are with your pricing, the more jobs you will receive. As a basis, research local equipment rental companies rental rates and see what they are asking for similar equipment such as your equipment. Remember, your equipment listing rate should include the operators rate.

How can I "Feature" my listing?

You can make your listing stand out from the competition by "Featuring" your listing. Simply login to your account, proceed to your dashboard, look for the gold star and click on the "Feature" link within the listing. Feature listings will randomly rotate on all browse pages. The price to feature your listing is only $1.00 per month.* $1.00 per month for a limited time only, $10.00 per month after the promotion ends.

How can I display a website link in my listing?

You can link your business website to your listing with a Sponsored Business Ad (Top of Browse pages). See below for more information regarding a Sponsored Business Ad.

How can I advertise my business products or services with a "Sponsored" Business Ad?

You can advertise your business products or services by creating a "Sponsored" Business Ad which will display your company's image on the top of the Browse pages. Users can click on your ad which will take customers directly to your website. Simply login to you account, proceed to your Dashboard, on the left hand column menu, look for Sponsored Ad Here (Top of Page) - click and follow directions. Business Ads are only $5.00 per month until promotion ends. After the promotion ends, the ad space will be $25.00 per month. Business listing will randomly display on top of all browse pages.

Why Joe Power uses Stripe to process credit card transactions and payments?

Stripe is a technology company. It's software allows individuals and businesses to make and receive payments over the Internet. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. Who uses Stripe to process credit card payments? Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Target, Salesforce, Yelp, Joe Power, etc.

What if I have a future project and I need equipment services?

You can place a listing for a "Equipment Need" for one or many pieces of equipment! Simply click on the My Posted needs in your dashboard and add what equipment you need. Anybody with equipment similar to what you are looking for they will be notified to bid on your project.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Users can cancel their subscription at anytime from their Settings > Member Level tab. When you are on a subscription, you will see a "Cancel" button that will allow you to cancel. When you cancel your subscription, all of your listings except for the first service listing, will be removed.

How do I list an equipment "Need"?

After you create your account, you can create a listings for equipment you need. Simply cick on the link in the top header "Post a Want". Follow the easy steps.

What is Joe Power's commision for landing you jobs?

Zero. You keep 100% of your earnings. You book it. You work it. You keep it!

When I am hired, how do I get paid?

Joe Power does not host or process any payments for transactions made between two members. Members handle all payment transactions themselves when hired.

Subscription Refunds

If you cancel your subscription, there is No Refund for unused days remaining on the monthly subscription . Your listing(s) will run until expired.

Do I need to be a member in order to hire someone?

Yes. You must create an account to send a service provider a request to hire them or message them.

How can I request a quote?

You can request a quote by viewing the listing, click on the availability tab, scroll down and click on the Request Quote tab in the today's date box.